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Healthcare Investment Network was created to facilitate the development of emerging healthcare and life science companies by enhancing communications among those involved in building and financing such enterprises.

The creation of this originated from both the experience of its founder and the realities of the evolving marketplace. As a founder and financier of numerous early stage companies, Brett Johnson had firsthand experience of the challenge to find the right investors. A similar challenge exists for investors who seek companies where they can be truly "value added" based on their direct experience.

This considerable communications chasm between early stage companies and investors now affects later stage and larger public companies. Changes in regulatory environment that separate investment banking from research have resulted in many promising micro-cap companies (those with valuations under about $300 million) having had research coverage dropped or greatly reduced.

The HealthCare Investment Database and Digests were created to improve this situation. When finished, HCID will be a global database of basic information on almost every small healthcare and life science company in the world. For emerging healthcare companies, HCID is a vehicle to reach a global audience of individual and institutional investors focused on healthcare and life science companies.

If you lead a growing healthcare company or if you are a strategic partners or an investor in such companies, visit the Healthcare Investment Digest and Database and its specialized Investment Digests and Portals.

HealthCare Investment Digests

Coming in 2006.

Tracking most promising emerging and micro cap healthcare and life science companies.

HCID aggregates information and provides profiles of emerging companies via Investment Digests focused on specific areas of healthcare investment.

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