Founder & CEO :: Brett Johnson
Mr. Johnson is an experienced entrepreneur, having launched eight communications-related enterprises beginning with the Minnesota Collaborative, now in its 16th year... bio >>

Susan E. Walton, Director of Research & Senior Editor
Ms. Walton is former Global Head of Electronic Commerce of ABN AMRO Bank, a global investment banking firm, from 1995 to 1998. At both of these top tier global investment banking firms she pioneered many internet based equity research applications that are now commonplace... bio >>

Research Director :: John Doxey
An experienced journalist and research specialist, Mr. Doxey has provided consulting services to a range of industries with a focus on healthcare... bio > >

Douglas Cress :: VP Operations
Mr. Cress came to HCID in December of 2004 after leaving an editorial position at Integrated Wellness Solutions... bio > >

Director of Technology :: Maegan Dolan
Ms. Dolan, a highly experienced programmer, has been the senior project manager on the interactive development of the HCID databases... bio >>
Michael Chary :: Associate Software Designer & Research Manager
Michael Chary is senior programmer with expertise in computer security, artificial intelligence, and software development in Java, C, PErl, Javascript, BASIC, and the.NET Platform.
bio >>
William Stern Jr. :: Research Associate.
Bill works extensively with database technology specializing in keeping companies' databases up to date... bio >>
Research Manager :: Ahalia Ramlogan
Ms. Ramlogan directs the on line data collection efforts to support the HCID database... bio >>