BR Johnson Group provides communications and information services to those building and financing emerging healthcare and life science companies.

BR Johnson Group
219 E. 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028
p: 212.734.1008 | f: 212.734.7842

Research & Publishing
  Through its HealthCare Investment Database and Digests, BRJG has used its network of healthcare investors, analysts and experts to build one of the most comprehensive databases of micro-cap healthcare and life science companies in North America and Europe. Its focused electronic publications (such as the Orthopedic Investment Digest) utilize the database to track the progress of these emerging companies for investors and strategic partners interested in specific areas of healthcare investment.

  BRJG Consulting has provided a broad range of venture development, marketing, communications and investment services for start-up and early stage venture backed companies. BRJG’s expertise includes publishing, database design and development, web design, multi media and video production as well as branding and marketing.
  BRJG is active in the raising of funds and creating awareness for non-profits serving children and health research through its founding sponsorship of both the Charity Network of New York City [] and the Harvard Yale Charity Polo Match []

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